A speedboat is a great purchase to make because they are so much fun. It does not matter if you are lying on the deck, water skiing, wakeboarding or behind the wheel. A day on the water is exciting and at times very relaxing. A speedboat is sometimes referred to as a motor boat. Some have engines on-board and some of them have an outboard motor.

The speedboats with the on-board motors

They include yachts, pleasure crafts, off shore fishing boats, boats with decks, fishing and skiing boats, cabins, wake-board boats and plenty more. Small fishing boats usually have an outboard motor. Each type is geared towards a difference purpose. What is the best type of speedboat to purchase? If you enjoy water-skiing or wake boarding the pontoon boats, jet boats, deck boats, bow riders are perfect for you.

Tige 22V

If you are into wake boarding than the Tige 22V is your best bet. It has the wake board towers on it; they easily remove when it is time to play. This speedboat has wrap around seating, even in the deep bow so the passengers can enjoy the water at the front of the boat. There is a towrope included to your group can enjoy your time on the water.

Rinker V-6 or V-8

The 19-foot Rinker V-6 or V-8 has an open bow for more seating, and you can comfortably seat up to eight people in this boat. There are all sorts of creature comforts in this boat including a radio with a CD player. This one is also good for lounging in the sun or water skiing

If partying on the boat is your idea of a good time, then gather about twenty friends and a few cases of beer and relax on a pontoon boat. Pontoons are great for enjoying time on the water either gliding around a lake or up the shoreline. Some optional amenities on these boats include barbeques, entertainment systems, and refrigerators

Porsche Speed boat

The coolest speedboat on the market is the Porsche Speed boat nicknamed ‘Fearless 28’. Its got a V10 engine from a Dodge viper and its has 550 horsepower. It has seating for five people and what a ride they will have. This boat is equipped with a high-end stereo system in the cabin and cockpit. This boat has a hefty price tag that most of us will never be able to afford but it is nice to dream once in awhile. If you would like to see this boat in action, watch this Youtube video.