Our sailing holidays to the Scilly isles are probably the highlight of the sailing season. On first approaching these wonderful isles you will be amazed at the fantastic sight that opens up before you. The first thing that you will notice is the vivid colour, particularly the tropical flowers, the white sandy beaches and the fluorescent blue sea. At night the stars light up the sky like a static firework display. The brightness of all that you see is almost certainly due to the clarity of the air this far out to sea away from the pollution on the main land. For those who are interested in painting, on one of our voyages a professional artist will be on board to offer coaching.

Price is 720 £ per person at it includes all meals on board and hire of foul weather gear. Not only is this the best way to Holiday on these beautiful Isles, it is probably the cheapest!

And it just gets better; Each day you will have plenty of time to explore ashore and we sail amongst the islands and anchor by a different island where you can swim in the blue sea, watch the island’s wildlife and enjoy the fabulous and dramatic scenery, or merely chill out in one of the wonderful pubs. Standing on the island high points you can see well out to sea and all of the outlying islands. You will be amazed at the dramatic rock formations with the rolling ocean breaking over them. One of the days will involve a guided nature and wildlife tour by a local expert; the cost of this is subsidised by your voyage fee. The tour is of course optional, but strongly recommended. On some of our Scilly Isles holidays a professional artist will be available for those interested in having a go or improving their painting skills.

You Join Annabel J at her anchorage in St Mawes Harbour. The crew will meet you and take you out by boat to Annabel J where you will meet the rest of the guests and crew. After familiarization and briefings we set sail on the first leg of the voyage to the Scillies. This will
be a short evening sail to an anchorage along the coast where we will spend the first night.

Scilly Exploration

Afiter an early start we sail along the picturesque Cornish coast to the Scilly Isles. Sailing Annabel J is very much a hands-on experience so you will get involved in all aspects of running the ship; hoisting sails, steering, making tea, and if you like, learning navigation and other aspects of seamanship. The coastal passage to the Scillies is quite lovely as you are never out of sight of land; just as Lands End disappears behind, the islands start to emerge ahead. It is likely that you will see basking sharks, dolphins, seals and turtles along route. We will arrive in the early evening and choose our first island and first anchorage in the Scilly Isles That evening you can go ashore and start your Scillies exploration.

You will have plenty of time to explore, swim or sight-see and we will set sail through the breathtaking islands to our next stop each day. Sailing on a beautiful classic yacht has to be the best way to enjoy these fantastic islands. On one of the islands wild-life expert and tour guide, Will Wagstaff will be available to give a guided tour of the island’s history, wild life and flowers, Also our skipper is an expert at getting very close to the rocks so you can enjoy a close up view of seals playing in the surf and nesting Puffins.

We know that you will enjoy this unique and thrilling experience. Our sailing holiday to the Scilly islands will be a holiday of a lifetime and one that you will never forget.